The Apartment: Introduction to the Game

THE SITUATION: You have just ridden over to my apartment on your bicycle. After coming in and saying hello, you go straight to the kitchen, open my refrigerator, and say, "Wow! I'm really thirsty. Can I bring you a Coke too?"

Of course, if we weren't such good friends I might be surprised that you acted so directly; but luckily we are. Besides, you really do look thirsty. So, in answer to your question, I say what follows below . . .

INSTRUCTIONS: First go into my apartment and find what I ask you for. CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW TO ENTER. Once you're inside, you can use your mouse to move around and click on various things. You'll need to listen carefully to my question before beginning to look around.

NOTE: QuickTime 4 is needed to view this material. This is freely available for Windows and Macintosh (and other) computers.


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